The time has finally arrived when you can let go of your insecurities, dependencies and witness the magic of “God’s Own Country” in all its glory. It’s time when women travelers can safely travel across the lofty mountains, embrace the purity of rivers, enrich the serenity of nature and celebrate the essence of being woman by planning a solo trip to Kerala.

And the best part is there is a lot of fascinating things that you can do at this place, so bring on your travelling shoes, as this is going to be one hell of a ride!

1. Alleppey Boat Race And The Sight of Female Rowers


Travelling solo to Alleppey is totally easy and comfortable, as it is situated at a distance of 72 km from Cochin International Airport, where you can book a cab to reach Alleppey.
Legend has it than in late 1952, prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had visited Alleppey, where he was escorted by several snake boats. Having gone through the excitement of the race he decided to donate a rolling trophy to the winners of the race. Therefore, when in Kerala, you can seldom forget to cherish the wonder of boat races.

2. Night Stay At A Houseboat

Feel safe and secured with the breathtaking lakes, streams, lagoons and canals of Kerala by planning a stay at the houseboats in Alleppey. These comfortable and luxurious accommodations are typically houses floating on the meandering water, allowing you to have an unforgettable stay amidst natural beauty.

3. Elephant Bathing in Kodanad


Kodanad has emerged to be one of the finest Elephant training centers of Kerala, where you can grab the opportunity to bathe them at the banks of Periyar river surrounded by the enchanting Malyatoor forest. You can easily get to Kodanad from Cochin International Airport via the Vallom road which is about 20 km away or from its nearest railhead Ernakulam which is 40 km away. And important part is that you will always have professionals around while handling the elephants.

4. Take A Food Tour

karimeen pollichathu

The next thing that has the ability to win the heart of an women after shopping is food. The irresistible aroma of Alleppey fish curry, grilled pomfret, fish mappas, Kottu curry olan and many more delicacies, makes Kerala a food lovers delight. So, get ready to indulge into the authentic flavors and incredible taste of south Indian cuisine at prominent food joints of the city.

5. Watch Kathakali and Mohiniyattam


Kathakali and Mohiniyattam are two legendary dance forms of the country. The gracious moves of dancers packed with folk songs ignite a new spark in every performance. They truly exemplify how untold and unseen stories can be depicted flawless rhythmic and synchronized moves.
Some of the best centers that you can visit for live performance are Kerala Kathakali Centre, Ernakulam Kathakali Club or the Folklore Museum, where they even have special shows dedicated to only women spectators.

6. Take An Elephant Ride


Give an adventurous take to your solo trip by riding on the trained elephants at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Well, you don’t have to be afraid about the safety as, you can seamlessly enjoy your ride under the supervision of an expert who will constantly take care of the elephant to make every moment that you spend on it memorable.

7. Fishing With Chinese Fish Nets


The fishermen community is an impeccable part of Kerala who have treasured the ancient tool of Chinese fishing nets even today. Now, you can be a part of this age old practice by getting the best view of these nets when they are suspended in mid air along the stand line of beaches, and when it is silhouetted against sunset, then it becomes an amazing photographic moment that you can preserve lifelong.

8. Watch a Theyyam


Theyyam is ritual dance popular in northern Kerala, which is a collective form of dance, music and mime which  attracts female travelers to this ritual. There are 456 types of theyyam in Kerala, of which 112 are the most popular ones. If you want to watch a theyyam, you should visit Kerala during December – April (these are the months in which theyyam is performed).

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9. Ride A Canoe


There cannot be a better way to relax and unwind than a ride on canoe cruise, where you can get through the narrow canals and explore vivid sceneries ranging from islands, coconut lagoons and welcoming paddy fields. It is great way to know more about the lifestyle of villagers and shop along the local flea markets. And while riding in a canoe you are always accompanied with friendliest people, so that you can make the most of your trip.

10. Street Food and Shopping At Fort Kochi

Situated in Ernakulam, Fort Kochi is one of the prominent aspects of Kerala. There is indeed a lot that you can do here, like walking around the Jew Town or just stroll past tea and spice merchants, peep into the wooden doorways or indulge into antique and souvenir shopping. Here, you can even discover the wondrous architecture of the city and get into the religious landmarks such as the Paradesi Synagogue, Sanata Cruz Basilica or the historic St. Francis Church where Vasco Da Gama took his last breath.
Another major attraction of this spot is street food. You can either relish on subtle traditional meals at the Le Colonial or get into the rich taste at the Fort Cochin Restaurant. Interesting thing about this place is that there are certain places that come up with “You Buy We Cook” option, where you can apparently buy your fish and the restaurant will get it cooked for you.

11. Stay in A Tree House



Eco-friendly, traditional and inspired with contemporary interiors, a stay at the tree house is yet another beautiful experience which women can enjoy. There are several tree houses present in Idukki, Munnar, Bekal, Wayanad and Kollam, where you can find your suitable accommodation and stay close to Mother Nature and that too absolutely safe & sound. As, you never know when you are greeted by elephants, giraffes, exotic birds, deer and many more animals with an brilliant view from the tree house.

12. Spice Tour


The perfume of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, clove, star anise, turmeric, vanilla, ginger, bay leaf, nutmeg and over 30 different indigenous spices refreshes the air of this magnificent state. Then why not get the best of it, by adding a spice estate tour to the itinerary? Interestingly, there are certain hotels that even offer their exclusive spice tour services to customer as well.

13. Shopping in Jew Street

Jew Street embodies antiquity in every lane. Be it carved wood furniture, crockery, brass sculptures, jewellery or remnants of traditional pieces, almost everything that you can going to find at this place enwraps the heritage and history of Kerala within itself. Hence, get something for you and your family when on a solo trip to Kerala as this would symbolize the wonderful memories of your trip.

14. Have A Sunbath At Kovalam Beach

Get into your favorite beachwear and cherish your leisure time at the Kovalam beach by swimming, sunbathing or herbal body toning. The beach is present at a distance of 14 km from the Trivandrum Airport, so you can safely reach their via taxi or buses.