The House Boats are one among the main attractions in Alleppey for tourists. House Boats provides an unforgettable experience to the travellers. And If you gonna plan a visit to Alleppey, don’t miss the experience with house boats.

Here we are going to list 5 amazing facts about House Boats

1. Made up of Wooden Planks and Coir.

The House boat, from the name itself you can understand what it is. It’s a giant floating structure on water which is locally known as “Kettuvallam”, which in mother tongue means “A Boat tied up with Ropes”.The raw materials used for constructing house boats are Wooden Planks, Bamboo , CoirRopes & Cashew Nut husk oil compounds. Here the wooden planks are tied together with ropes, which is made of coir obtained from coconut husk. The wooden planks are socked in cashew nut husk oil to prevent the wood from getting damaged as it is going to be in constant contact with water. And the Roof is thatched with  Palm or Bamboo logs. A crucial engineering happens here, as you can see, everything fits very clean and perfect.

2. Houseboats have mind blowing interiors

And when we talk about the interiors, its very perfectly designed  such that it depicts rich culture and heritage of Kerala. Interiors are being developed  with the help of expert interior developers which gives you a feeling that, you’re in star hotels.

3. Houseboats have high seating capacity

House boats they are slow -moving, and have high loading capacity compared to ordinary boats, which gives the passengers a stable experience in floating waters. Many of them can hold much higher than 150 people, and does have rich facilities like conference halls and multiple bedrooms. Kettuvallam’s are a part of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. Years back these Boats where the main mode of transportation and these boats played a crucial roles in trading. They used to be well know for its cargo- carrying activities.

The average size of an house boat ranges for 90 -100 feet long and can hold up to 30 tons.The house boats once used for transporting cargo are now being converted into , luxury house boats, with all the most modern luxury and comfort which will make a traveler feel at home.The construction of house boats, are inspired from the traditional architecture of Kerala.

Usually a house boat comprises of  Living Room,  bedrooms with attached bathrooms, balcony and a kitchen.

"House Boat with Wall"

“House Boat with Conference Hall”

4. Houseboats have TV/Internet facilities

A houseboat comes with the essential technology which we use in day to day life ,like TV, Music System, Internet,AC,Refrigerator etc.

houseboat kerala tv

Also there will be TV and Internet facilities for the passengers;  will be accompanied by an assistant, A Captain and a Chef. So that you don’t need to worry about the connectivity with the outer world.

5. Houseboats serves the best and tasty foods in Kerala

If you take a houseboat package, food will also be included in it. You can taste the mouth watering Prawns,Shrimp and different fish varieties of Kerala. Most of the houseboats lets you to buy the fish you need(from the local market) and to cook it for you. You will get a chef in your houseboat, the chef will cook for in your preferred style.

So while exploring the beauty of Alleppey, you can have the wide variety of Dishes in front of you.

When it comes to Kerala tourism, houseboat is one of the major attraction. Alleppey houseboats are the best houseboats you can get in India. So if you are planning to visit Kerala or India , never miss the Alleppey houseboat.