Bite, Hoard, Slurp, Gulp! If you are on a food journey to tantalize the taste buds, you shall definitely fall in love with the Alleppey food. Just excuse and ditch the boring diet of yours and explore yourself getting immersed into the must have menu on your Alleppey adventure. Alleppey food will make your experience worthwhile, especially if you are a die hard non-vegetarian.

1. Karimeen Pollichathu (Pearl Spot Burnt /Grilled)

karimeen pollichathu

One can’t resist the temptation of this fish delicacy. This is one of the exotic dishes on the platter. What gives the dish its flavor is our very own Banana leaves used for wrapping. The fish is lightly fried in a little coconut oil, just to seal all the juices of the fish which preserves its tenderness. The masala added on the fish adds to its flavors when wrapped up in Banana leaf. Would definitely recommend using shallots as it is the most traditional way of preparing this dish.

2. Prawns masala

Prawns Masala

Spicy tiger prawns masala is one of the most typical dish of Alleppey once you savor on this dish ,you will really not get enough of it . I think there is really some magic in the Kerala seafood and spices. Also known as Naadan Konju Roast, this food delicacy boasts of aromatic taste. Tiger prawns masala is generally accompanied with Kappa , chapatti or even boiled rice.

3. Duck Roast

Duck roast

Typically known as “Tharavu Roast”. People do get nostalgic when trying the dish for the second time. This is a small hint for first timers who might just want to gorge upon Duck Roast! After reading this, you can say that duck roast is a veritable dish that requires right technique, perfect marination & lots of love to turn into a sumptuous recipe.

4. Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath(Mussel Stir Fry)

It is a simple but an authentic food dish that Alleppey is famous for. Well intended coastline makes fishing more favorable and hence you find a lot of transitions & innovations in the sea food here. One such dish on this menu is “Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath”. Traditionally, the mussels are cooked in earthen pots which leave all the aromatic flavors of the pot in the dish.

5. Alleppey Fish Curry

Alleppey Fish Curry

The major ingredients that go into the dish is coconut, turmeric powder, raw mango, chilli powder & tomato. The flavors infused in the dish is really a lavish affair.

6. Chemmen Ularthiyath /Shrimps stir fried)

chemmen ularth

Unlike Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath, chemmen is a dry gravy of shrimps or even prawns with a zest of fish tamarind. What is so unique about this dish is that it does not require too many ingredients. The fish juice and a little hint of masala make the dish simply enticing.

7. Crab Curry 

Crab  Curry

Popularly known as “Njandu Curry”.It is really a treat for sea-food lovers. One experiences heavenly taste of the crab essence clubbed with Kerala aromatic spices. You may just want to enjoy this dish anytime of the day.
All these non-vegetarian dishes go well with rice, dosas, appams or even paranthas. Alleppey has been a favorite travel destination not only for its enchanting natural glimpse but heaven for food connoisseurs.