Beaches are important for back water supported tourist spots .Somewhat beach is an advantage to the city of “East Venice” which is placed exactly at the heart of city . Alleppey beach has synced with the emotions who dwell nearby. They use come over here to share their sorrow as well happiness. This beach has extreme power to vibe your emotions as it is very much with Sunlit shadow. there are two aesthetic nature designed beaches within the radius of 15 km in Alleppey city. Instead of Alleppey beach the Marari beach also stay apart, but both are leave us good exposure of nature possessions. One beach in the middle of city while other in heart of village, where you will be in peace upon both. Here are some exciting things about the beaches of Alleppey.

1. The food in Alleppey beach

fish fry

The taste appetite of Alleppey is very diverse and unique. You can have the food cooked right in front of you. Even in the beach you can taste it without hassle in streets. Alleppey is one of the coastal area blessed with both sea food and fresh water fishes. The aroma of mussels fry and crab roast will make your taste buds awake. No matter you love spicy or mild everything ready in front of you here in beach bay. Most of swarm comes here by evening to have these tastes which is not get from any other beach way. You can buy raw mussels and other fresh water fishes from here to your Kitchen to test your taste alone.

2. Climatic variations and Sunset in Alleppey beach

sunset alleppey
We remember the places we visited by many aspects but probably climate will be the fact we recall first. Yes, Alleppey will be giving you a vibe on your mind and body to gain positive on everything you see and feel. The dawn rays of sun has a different energy here . This is what exploited by the tourists and native peoples as much they can. You will remember it’s in every morning once you peep over here. You will feel rainy night as well but you can expect something special in any changes of climate here. I assure it won’t disappoint you anyway.

3. The wide angle exposure

allleppey beach images
You can have the wide angle of beach in a straight ride. Which is quite strange among top beaches. The gallery view beach very wider than you think and you can feel the freshness without move into the depth of waves. This beach has a retro frame with ancient port bridge towards the sea which will lead us into the vintage beauty of Alleppey beach. As like every beach, this too had a story of golden decades of trading and culture. The half boiled long bridge will tell us the same story.

4. Beach sports in Alleppey beach

alleppey beach 2
You can set up a team as you own in the golden sands of Alleppey beach in which is quite interesting to play here in vast area of beach. One of the main attractions of this beach ground is to play the odd physical work out game Frisbee. No idea who brought to this beach but it’s now more popular than any other beach workout. This play must be came from tourists but now its takeover by the native peoples. It’s really interesting to see different colors of the flying Frisbee discs in the air and people dive into catch it. Beach volley is another attraction which is quite natural as every beach .

5. The Alleppey beach fest

alleppey beach fest
As I mentioned early this beach has a culture, it’s really sync with the native people‚Äôs emotions. So there is no other choice other than this beach to celebrate the seasons. One of main event happen every year in this bay is beach fest which is regularly in last days of every December and towards the new year party. This fest embrace all cultural and modern lives of Alleppey. There are food and cultural diversity will be exposed over the demand of people in here as well tourists.

6. Camel Safari

alleppey camel
You can do camel Safari as well in the beach. Travelling on the top of a calm Camel while watching the susnset is a very pleasent experience.

7. Shopping

alleppey spice
Mullakkal Street, is the most popoular shopping street in Alleppey. This street comprises of lots of local shops from which you can purchase souvenir.souvenir. Mullakkal street is also popular for Rugs, bags, Spices.