A Guide to Paragliding in Vagamon

The city of Kerala is the ultimate destination for tourists and travelers who are looking for fun, great food, entertainment, excitement and more. In fact, Kerala offers unlimited scope for adventure and thrill to people who want to make the most of their tour. Travelers can participate in the Vagamon paragliding activity and find out what flying in the air feels like. Here, discover more about paragliding in Vagamon and why travelers must opt for it.  

Vagamon Paragliding

Vagamon, a hill station in Kerala, attracts tourists from all parts of the globe. Adventure seekers can participate in paragliding and find out what flying without wings feels like. The activity also provides people with the right amount of opportunity to experience nature at its best. As part of this thirty minute activity, one can enjoy an exciting view of the beautiful city of Kerala, at around six thousand feet above the sea level. The Vagamon paragliding season commences from the month of September and the best time to enjoy the activity is until the month of January. Apart from this, travelers can also engage in paragliding between the months of March to May. What makes the Vagamon paragliding experience highly interesting is that you’ll feel like you’re floating like clouds and seeing birds fly past you. Vagamon is a highly popular paragliding destination for paragliders in all parts of the world. In fact, the Paragliding Grand Prix, which is held in the month of September each year, attracts paragliders in huge numbers from around the globe.

The Kerala Adventure Tourism

The Kerala Adventure Tourism in association with Fly Vagamon offers ultimate paragliding experience to tourists and travelers. Fly Vagamon is also associated with the Paragliding Association of India organized the Paragliding Festival in the month of February in 2006. The festival is held in the months of February or March and attracts over one lakh civilians every year. The members of the Indian Armed Forces and Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Army also indulge in paragliding at Fly Vagamon on a regular basis. Fly Vagamon basically offers pilot paragliding training consisting of 2 different phases. While, the initial phase is held at Vagamon valleys, the last phase is organized in Goa.

Points to Remember

When it comes to enjoying paragliding in Vagamon, it is crucial to remember certain important points. For instance, paragliding is basically a wind related sport and hence the activity may be rescheduled or cancelled, depending upon the conditions. Paragliders must also reach the venue on their own and make appropriate arrangements of food in advance. It is also advised that you avoid paragliding right after your meals. Typically, you should fly only after you’ve take a break of two hours. It is also important that you are physically fit and are open to the idea of engaging in the sport. Individuals with dizziness, blackout, respiratory and heart issues must consult their doctor before participating in the activity. Also, individuals who are looking forward to participate in paragliding must submit an indemnity form and the ones who are below eighteen years of age must seek their parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Cancellation and Refund

Also, tourists who intend to cancel their training must inform Fly Vagamon fifteen days ahead of the starting date of the training session. Such tourists won’t be charged any cancellation fee. On the other hand, if they choose to cancel within seven to fifteen days of the starting date, then a 10 percent booking charge is deducted in the form of cancellation fee. Also, some activities shall be cancelled during unforeseen climate or weather or government placed restrictions. Additionally, paragliders won’t get any refund amount post the cancellation of the activity. The refund amount shall be processed by ten or more days. Tourists who opt for paragliding will receive a voucher confirming their bookings within twenty four hours of the same. Also, when the desired slots are not available then the paragliders will be provided with an alternative schedule and Fly Vagamon will send a fresh voucher for the same. Those who aren’t interested in the alternate schedule can opt for cancellation of their bookings and receive their refund amount in full.

To sum up, Vagamon paragliding is meant for people who are adventurers at heart. If you are keen about the sport and want to enjoy paragliding to the fullest then the Vagamon paragliding event is definitely worth experiencing. As a paraglider, you’ll get ample opportunities to witness the breathtaking beauty of Kerala and find out what flying actually feels like.