The tranquility you get when your eyes experience the scenic views of countryside, the peaceful backwaters & greenery all around. Alleppey is one place which should be on your travel list.

1. Seeing the Alleppey Boat race competition

alleppey boat race

This is truly something to watch out for. The Alleppey boat race is held on the second Saturday in the month of August. Thousands of tourists gather to add this mesmerizing experience. The Alleppey boat race is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru & is conducted along the Punnamda Lake. This day is a big day for Alleppey as it has fierce competitive spirit among the participants who look ahead to victory. The amicable lake front gets revamped into large sea of mob who gathers for this illustrious event.

2. Spending a night in houseboat

alleppey houseboat new

A houseboat in the thick of backwaters is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This experience can add up to some bonus in your anamnesis. You can enjoy all the meals in the houseboat, relax & enjoy your boat ride. The breathtaking view of the panoramic coconut trees, the swaying lush green paddy fields will enlighten your soul for sure!

3. Visiting Marari Beach & other beaches

marari beach

Tourists may not know much about this beach since it is quite isolated. But, this is one of the most fascinating beaches among all. It is a secret beach located 15 kms away from Alleppey. The beach is not that hyped & hence you will experience peace. You may want to go, relax & enjoy the coconut tree & clean sand. A serence beach amidst all odds. Other beaches you might want to visit are Andhakaranzhi, where you can manage to take a glimpse of the glorious sunset. You may also want to visit the Alleppey beach & chill around.

4. Gorging on Alleppey food & visiting Toddy’s shop

alleppey toddy

Engaging yourself into a mouthwatering & typical Kerala meal is unquestionably a must do item in your list. Try Karimeen Pollichathu, Duck Roast, and Flavorsome Shwarma which are some of the exotic dishes out here. You may also want to give it a shot with a cup of coffee at “Indian Coffee House”. And yes, to bid adieu to your dinner, relish on some homemade typical fruit salad topped up with ice-cream.

fish fry

If you are in Alleppey & have not visited the Toddy shop, just doesn’t go too well! To make it well, visit the Toddy shop, toddy is a mild alcoholic beverage extracted from the palm tree saps. The toddy is generally served with spicy food.

5. Boating from Alleppey to Kumarokom:

alleppey boating

Alleppey to Kumarokom are the 2 points of the boat cruise along the backwaters. Alleppey has this distinct feature of water level balancing with the land. This endemic characteristic allows onlookers to get a closer frame towards the rural life on the shore while on the houseboat. On the other hand Kumarokom has an intrinsic lagoon to exploit. On the backwater hitch you may see along bird sanctuaries, churches, watermills & the forthright rural life. There are innumerous bungalows & villas which have been diacritically transformed into heritage hotels. Local houseboats exclusively called as “Kettuvallams” are imperative to every tourist to visit in Kerala.This is a must do activity in each and everybody’s list owing to its exclusivity.

6. Immerse into divinity

alleppey church

Kerala is known to be a spiritual land. Alleppey itself comprises of many Hindu sacred temples dedicated to different holy deities. The temples here will give you an eloquent architectural squint. Most of the temples here are dedicated to Lord Shiva & Goddess Bhagwati. Most of the devotees & spiritual tourists embark themselves during the traditional festivals.

alleppey temple

Chettikulangara Devi temple, Mullikal Temple, Kandiyoor Sri Mahadeva Temple, Sri Krishna temple are among the most visited devotional sites. You can also visit the different christian churches in Alleppey town and surroundings.

7. Sneak Peak at the International Coir Museum

alleppey coir museum

The International Coir Museum has been established by the Coir Board. It showcases an enigmatic array of coir industry clubbed with modern innovations. This museum is a heart of Alleppey & is known to attract flocks of tourists. The traditional process & the acceleration of the coir industry which includes fiber extraction & retting combined with latest technology are showcased. A souvenir shop in the vicinity of the museum appreciates coir made items that you may want to take along with you for sweet memories. You may opt for rugs, carpets or even foxy handmade items amongst the shop.

8. Kayaking & Canoeing

alleppey kayaking

One who wants to stay close to nature can opt for Kayaking. There are a number of organizers who organize Kayaking. The most distinctive thing about Kayaking is that you experience the real backwaters. Paddling steadily into the tiny canals, Kayak is the most preferred option for tourists who opt for adventure. Canoeing makes it simple to travel through the narrowest ways along the backwaters. This is an enticing trip for your soul.

9. Ayurveda, Spa, Yoga

ayurveda alleppey

Kerala is best known for its Ayurvedic & Beauty treatment. Ayurveda is known to beat any health disorders & offers a helping hand to therapeutically cure it. Ayurveda is a natural rejuvenation & ensures boosted immunity level. Indulging yourself into a spa will detoxify your sense & make you feel energized. There are many places around Alleppey which offer yoga retreat. People specially come to Kerala in search of this inner peace & placidity.

10. Shopping Souvenirs

alleppey shopping

Alleppey is famous for spice plantations & coir products. The markets all around sell good quality Indian Spices, Grounded masala, tea leaves & healing herbs. Apart from this you may treasure trove aromatic oils & elegant handicrafts. You may also want to take back lip-smacking banana chips.
These are undoubtedly the best things you can add up to your to-do list when you are in Alleppey. So just pack your bags & add these items in your itinerary. Come to Alleppey and just go with the flow. This is how you may want to relive your moments & take back home the sweetest of memories.