Kerala known as “God’s own country” is one of the fascinating places in India. It is not only popular in India but is a typical savior for the foreigners as well. Thanks to the natural beauty & serenity that this place offers. Geographically situated between the eccentric Western Ghats on its east & the panoramic Arabian Sea on the west it has a lot more to offer. You can imagine a small piece of land on earth with such diverse locations, the feeling is divine.
Of course from a backpacker’s point of view Kerala has a beautiful coastline, backwaters that helps one relax & scenic hill stations which tenders a magnificent landscape. On this note, some of the options that one may include in the itinerary is elaborated below:

Kerala has many awesome points of interests for a 1 day trip. If you are planning for an outing with your friends or family or whatever,  Kerala has places in different attire to fulfill your holiday wishes.

1. One day trip in Kerala Backwaters (Alleppey, Kumarakom)

When it comes to pristine backwaters nothing can beat Alleppey & Kumarakom. A number of tour operators have unveiled interesting 1 day trips along the backwaters. The day starts of early and accommodation options are flexible. For instance you can opt for a beautiful houseboat which takes you across to witness the alluring flora & fauna. You will certainly get bowled over the silent valley & enchanting woods.

one day trip to alleppey

one day trip to alleppey

Envisage a panorama where the rustling leaves, dim silhouette of the coconut trees will make a hit directly on your heart. And the icing on the cake is the sumptuous & traditional meal that you can enjoy on the houseboat amidst the spectacular view. The tour operators charge anywhere between 1000 – 3000 INR depending on the inclusions & customized packages. A cultural & natural interaction is what you can expect on the whole.

Houseboat is the most major attraction in Alleppey, Click this link to book a  houseboat from alleppey.

Major things to do in Alleppey for a 1 day trip

  • Alleppey houseboats – Houseboats are the major attractions of Alleppey.  The picture given above is one of typical Alleppey houseboat, you can spend a night in houseboat tasting the delicious cuisines of Alleppey enjoying the beauty of Kerala Backwaters.
  • Kerala Backwaters – As you may know, Alleppey has the best backwaters in India. And if you are looking for backwater tourism, Alleppey is the first place you need visit in Kerala.
  • Alleppey Beach – Alleppey Beach,  is situated very much closer to the Alleppey town . Alleppey beach will be a good local experience for any traveller. You can see kids playing frisbee, local sellers etc all over the beach. The light house, very much closer to the beach is also an exciting spot, it can give you a clear view of Alleppey. If you are visiting Alleppey beach during the Newyear time , never miss the Alleppey beach fest, it will be one great experience to have.
  • Marari Beach –  Probably, the best beach in Alleppey. Marari beach is a must go beach if you are coming to Alleppey.
  • Alleppey boat race – Alleppey Nehru Trophy boat race is something which you should see once in a life time.  The unusual site of 130 rowers in a boat will definitely take your breath. Read – 7 unknown facts about Alleppey boat race.
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Sree Subramanya Swami Temple
  • Kathakali – Kathakali is classical combination of dance and drama originated from Kerala in the 17th century
  • International Coir Museum –  International Coir Museum shows the development of traditional coir industry over ages. It also shows everything about coir manfuacturing including retting and fibre extraction. This will be a great experience for foreign tourists, as well as North Indians.
  • Karumadi Kuttan – It is another major point of interest in Alleppey, its a statue of Buddha.
  • Krishnapuram Palace –

Distance to Alleppey from Kochi : 53.0 KM

Distance to Alleppey from Trivandrum: 126 KM

2. One day trip to Munnar

Munnar is popular with tourists who have a deep liking for hill stations. One can experience tranquility amongst the Western Ghats. Located at an altitude of 6000 ft. it lies in the Idduki district. Bewitching tea plantations, valleys, waterfalls, wildlife is all you can experience here. So you see it is quite dynamic. Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for a day tour. Customized packages are offered to tourists coming to Munnar.

one day trip to Munnar

one day trip to Munnar

So you see it is quite dynamic. Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for a day tour. Customized packages are offered to tourist based on their preferences. A private vehicle, meals & other facilities are offered which are quite easy on pocket. The experience is what is worthy here! The extravagant greenery, soothing wind, aromatic tea plantations will certainly rejuvenate your soul. The worldliness cannot be compared to anything else for sure!

Major tourist spots in Munnar for 1 day trip

  • Tea Gardens – Munnar is famous for its tea gardens. Tea, the worlds most drunk beverage grows abundantly in Munnar. John Daniel Munro,  from Britain , came to Munnar in 1857. He got attracted by the beauty of Munnar and its hills. He found that the climate was suitable for tea plantations, he started his plantations widely in Munnar.
  • Top Station – Top Station is the highest point (1700 m) in Munnar, it is situated at around 32 KM from Munnar town. It happens to be in the Kerala border and it is a wonderful sight to see the Western Ghats from Top Station.
  • MattuPetty Dam- Mattupetty dam is gravity dam built in the Mountains of Munnar to conserve water. Very often, we can also see elephants visiting the reservoir of Mattupetty Dam.
  • Kundala Dam – Kundala Dam, is one of the most popular dam in Munnar. It is about 20 Km away from Munnar , on the way to Top station(mentioned above, one of the most important places in Munnar).
  • Rajamalai
  • Lakkam Fresh waterfalls
  • Anamudi Peak
  • Echo Point
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Marayoor Forests

Distance to Munnar from Kochi : 130 KM

Distance to Munnar from Trivandrum: 280 KM

3. One day trip to Thekkady

When you utter the word “Thekkady” it adjures the aromatic plantations, the curves of the hills, elephant families, and the enigmatic fauna. It is an enigmatic location with plenty of site seeing options.

one day trip to thekkady

one day trip to thekkady

Thekkady is one of the finest tourist places in Kerala for one day trip. It is located at a distance of 170 kms from Cochin and you’ll need as many as five hours to get there. Thekkady is renowned for its wildlife sanctuary, which is beautiful and magnificent in every sense. It offers exceptional facility for boating wherein you can go all around the sanctuary via the Periyar Lake on the boat. If you’re fond of watching the wild animals then you’ll simply love this ride. During the boat ride, you can also view the famous Mullapperiyar dam. As a tourist who’s looking to enjoy his stay in Thekkady, you must reach the destination as quickly as possible and purchase your tickets for boating. In case, you’re planning to book your tickets in advance, you can book the same via KTDC for a sum of Rs 500. At the Periyar Tiger Reserve, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to watch and observe the Indian Tiger, elephants, boars, deers, bisons as well as lion. Apart from this, you can also enjoy nature walk and watch beautiful birds, colorful butterflies as well as other animals during the walk, which lasts for around three hours.

Major tourist spots in Thekkady for one day trip


Distance to Thekkady from Kochi :156 KM

Distance to Thekkady from Trivandrum:200 KM

4. One day trip to Kovalam

Kovalam is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for one day tour. It is a beach town located on the Arabian Sea, which lies at a distance of about sixteen kilometers from the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Also referred to as the “Paradise of the South”, the name Kovalam implies a grove consisting of coconut trees. Kovalam consists of three beautiful beaches that are separated by rocks on its coastline spread across seventeen kms. The Kovalam beach is excellent for enjoying sea bath and other beach activities such as sunbathing, herbal body massages, swimming, cultural programmes as well as cruising.

one day trip to Kovalam

one day trip to Kovalam

At the Kovalam beach, tourists can access and book accommodations in budget cottages, convention facilities, Ayurvedic health resorts, shopping areas,  yoga and massage centers as well as swimming pools. Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram is located sixteen kilometers away from Kovalam and you won’t face many difficulties in reaching there. However, if you’re on a tour then it is advisable that you continue to put up in Kovalam and visit Thiruvananthapuram from there. At Thiruvananthapuram, you can visit interesting places such as the Napier Museum, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Sri Chitra Art Gallery and Ponmudi hill station. While, the railway station is about sixteen kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram Central, the nearby airport, Trivandrum International Airport, is located at a distance of around ten kilometers.

Distance to Kovalam from Kochi :211.6 KM

Distance to Kovalam from Trivandrum:17.6

5. One day trip to Athirapally

Athirappally is yet another exciting spot for one day trip in Kerala. It is situated in Mukundapuram Taluk, Thrissur district. It’s a gram panchayat that is located around sixty kilometers from Thrissur and about seventy kilometers away from the city of Kochi. Athirappally is renowned for its awesome waterfalls as well as beautiful rainforests. It is also famous for its biodiversity and houses the Charpa and Vazhachal waterfalls. Athirappally also has the best ecosystem in place. The Athirappally and Vazhachal areas are also famous for their wildlife and forests. In fact, the forest provides shelter to several rare and endangered species of both birds and animals.

one day trip to athirappally

one day trip to athirappally

Athirappally has wide variety of plants and animals, which is precisely why the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation has recommended that it should be declared as the sanctuary or national park. The forest has been categorized into 5 primary areas including Athirappally, Charpa, Vazhachal, Sholayar and Kollathirumedu. It consists of magnificent pathways, roadways and waterfall, which are awe-inspiring in every sense. Apart from this, the best time to view small streams as well as the main Chalakuddy River is during the rainy weather conditions. The Athirappally Waterfalls are located at around thirty two kilometers from Chalakudy, seventy three kilometers from the city of Kochi and only around fifty nine kilometers from Thrissur.

 The fall drops from eighty feet high via numerous parallel water streams and provides an exceptional view. Reaching the falls is never really difficult as it takes around fifteen minutes of walking to get to the entrance of the falls. The waterfalls provide exceptional view of the famous Sholayar hills. After about ten to fifteen minutes of trekking down the falls, you can get to its bottom and experience the mystical and amazing falls. In fact, the fall also offers plenty of opportunities for swimming. The stream continues down the Chalakudy River that ultimately meets in the Arabian Sea. This particular river is basically bio diversity and consists of eighty five exciting species of fresh water fishes. The Athirappally Forest is also home to species such as Malabar, hornbill, Malabar pied hornbill, Indian grey hornbill, Malabar grey hornbill, elephant, leopard, tiger, sambar, macaque and bison. The ideal time for visiting the falls is between eight in the morning to six in the evening. Apart from this, you can also enjoy shopping, picnic, trekking, river rafting as well as other activities. Tourists can also visit two parks, including Silverstorm and Dreamworld.

Distance to Athirappally from Kochi : 66.0 KM

Distance to Athirappally from Trivandrum: 257.4 KM

For some good tour packages in Athirappally, follow this link

6. One day trip to Fort Kochi

one day trip to fort kochi

one day trip to fort kochi

Fort Kochi is an excellent destination for one day tour in Kerala. Also referred to as the Gateway to Kerala, Fort Kochi is an amazing city that is full of life, history, art and architecture. Some of the other tourist attractions of Fort Kochi include, Chinese fishing nets, Mattancherry Palace as well as the Santa Cruz Basilica.The ideal time to pay a visit to Fort Kochi is between the months of October to March. As a tourist, you can visit the Fort on all days, depending upon your schedule and convenience. If you are coming to fort kochi during december-january, then you shouldn’t miss the Muziris Bienalle happening at Fort Kochi, its a real experience of art and Kerala culture.

Distance to Fort Kochi from Kochi : 6.3 KM

Distance to Fort Kochi from Trivandrum: 199 KM


7. One Day Trip To Vagamon

vagamon photos

Vagamon is another beautiful place in Kerala where you can cherish with your friends and family. The beautiful hilltops and the cool weather will give a soothing feeling for any traveler. Vagamon has similar geographical features of Munnar.

For a one day trip, you can visit these points of interests in Munnar.

  • Meadows
  • Kurishumala
  • Pineforest
  • Suicide Point

Distance to Vagmon from Kochi :102 KM

Distance to Vagmon from Trivandrum: 181 KM

You can also do Paragliding in Vagamon if you are going in season time.

If you want some good reviews about the best resorts in Vagamon – Read this blogpost about the best resorts reviews in Vagamon.